Chef’s Profile

David Mantle

As a head chef for the last 10 years and With 20 years experience behind him in the industry, David has worked with and for some privileged people, this helps him bring his knowledge and creativity to make your chosen dishes taste like your having a fine dining experience whatever your occasion. David enjoys cooking to rosette levels, keeping food fresh seasonal and simple.

His catering life has been based around hotel, restaurants and gastro pubs, and his back ground has given him the experience to be successful in all these fields. He has worked in various different structures of catering and has the diversity to show it.He was trained in Plymouth at P C F E, and was taught classic French techniques.

He is inspired and in ore of the ability’s and diversity found in this region for food and its culinary direction, something which he is proud of being a part of, and believes that the southwest is the best region for all food commodities.

His Chef life has carried over for David at home , creating a passion for gardening and producing fresh produce from home, enabling him to enjoy growing seasonal flavors with the benefit of plough to plate.

David believes in simply tasty food where his passion is shown in the flavor as you eat it. "Enjoy the food and flavors. Enjoy your day"