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Cocktails - Porn Star Cocktail

What needs to be said about this cocktail? First off, is that it is absolutely uh-mazing!

It's an absolute modern classic which was invented by Douglas Ankrah of LAB bar and has since been adopted by many bars across the globe. The sweet vanilla vodka flavours are balanced by the sharpness of the passionfruit and is complemented by a shot of bubbly on the side! Delicious...

How to Make

1. Cut 2 Passion fruit in half, scoop the pulp from 1 and add to cocktail shaker

2. Add ice and use a muddler or spoon to release the seeds.

3. Add the Vodka, Passoa, Vanilla and Lime juice and shake to Mix.

4. Strain into a Martini glass.

5.Top up glass with Champagne, Prosecco or Soda Water.

6.Add the Half Passion fruit for decoration.